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Your home exercises to boost your Physical, Mental and Emotional abilities.

Achieve comfort and ability with Sense in Motion – Feldenkrais lessons.
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‘How to subscribe’ video is a step by step guide to complete your Audio Library Subscription. 

Simply choose your preferred Subscription Period and fill in the subscription form. Use your Email address as your Username and choose a password that you can remember easily. Don’t forget to write it down for your records!

Once the form is complete  and you have placed your order proceed to paying with PayPal. Please note that Debit/Credit card payment is not an option for Audio Library subscriptions. 

There are NO recurring payments, so once your subscription has ended you can resubscribe again with any duration option that you prefer. 

How to subscribe?

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$ 175
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Guidelines for your home exercise

What’s most important is to do the movements very gently. Don’t try to push through pain.

Move slowly and take rests whenever you feel the need, even before you are asked to rest in the lesson.

Learning to listen to your own needs is a skill that you can develop.

If you abide to these principles, you will discover a growing sense of comfort and control over your actions, well after the lesson ends.

If you experience pain during the lesson, try to minimise the movement till it’s closer to imagination than to action. Or do it all in your imagination. You’d be surprised of the big benefits of doing small!

Lena Roesnberg

About Lena

Lena is an experienced Feldenkrais practitioner and Assistant Trainer.

She has studied the Feldenkrais Method in Italy, Israel and Australia.

Lena works with people of all ages and (dis)abilities, from newborns to seniors.

Lena runs Feldenkrais private sessions and Online/Onsite group classes from her purpose-built studio in St Kilda and popular group classes and workshops from SPHC – St Kilda Sea Baths.