Audio Recordings

Monday 8th August class recording

Keep Growing – Sense in Motion

In this lesson you will grow in all ‘good’ aspects: more height, more rotation of the whole spine, more mobility of the hip joints and more ease comfort.

Are you happy with your posture? what do you do to stop from slouching or from over-arching your back? any imposition on your posture will only last for a short while or will bring with it stiffness in the joints and reduced mobility.

Here you are asked to do the opposite; don’t try hard, don’t stretch, don’t try your best. Instead, feel the easiest part of the movement and stay within that range. Don’t go out of that comfort zone. You’ll be amazed what this will do to your posture, your self-confidence and wellbeing. It will also last you longer without useless efforts. Ready to try?

Friday 12th August class recording

Alignment of the legs – Sense in Motion

How do you feel about your stability? Are you comfortable standing on two legs? how about on one leg? Would you be stable walking on a narrow beam up in the air?

Try a lesson that takes a glimpse at what composes an important part of our alignment and how that influences our stability.

The main relationship to explore in this lesson is between the legs and the pelvis. The one impacts the other. A stiff pelvis will prevent a free movement of the hip joints. Stiff legs with poor alignment will impact the mobility and direction of the pelvis.

The movement of the arms and shoulder girdle will reflect the gradual improvements in the lower part of the body.

You will lie on the back and for a short while also on the stomach.

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