December South Pacific Health Clubs @St Kilda Sea Baths

About the workshop:

Do you have tight hip joints? Want to improve your Yoga/Pilates/Sport Exercises? or prevent falls?

This practical workshop will provide you with the tools to release and create better function and control of the hips, in order to move more freely and steadily.

Tightness in the hip joints is common and spread across all age groups. People who try to address this issue by doing regular stretching exercises often gain limited benefits or even strain other body areas.

It’s time to learn how to improve your hip joints on a deeper level! In this workshop you’ll gain a better understanding of how your hips affect the rest of the body and how your posture and movement feel fluid and supportive as the hip joints get integrated into your whole-body.

This workshop is OPEN TO EVERYONE  – no special experience or flexibility required!

It is also perfect for anybody who practices Yoga, Pilates or does exercises and are looking to improve their performance.

What do I need to bring:

Please bring a towel or two to use as props, a pair of socks and wear comfortable clothes to move in.
Yoga mats provided – you’re welcome to bring your own if you prefer.
This 4 hour workshop includes a 30 min break and a few short breaks so you’re welcome to bring snacks or visit the cafes at the venue.

Sign Up Now – also allow 5 minutes to register at reception of South Pacific Health Club – St Kilda Sea Baths

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