The Intelligent Body Workshop
By the Feldenkrais Method

The Intelligent Body Workshop
By the Feldenkrais Method

Reverse the effect of time and injuries and take your life in a new, positive direction.

Learn how to move more efficiently and precisely, becoming more skilled in every act you do.

In this workshop you will deepen your understanding of your body and learn to relieve your your shoulders & neck from habitual tensions, as you go through a series of ingenious movement lessons, linked with discussions and forefront mind-body theory.


$90 for Sunday Workshop


MATES RATES:  2 for the price of 1!

Bring a friend and you both receive 50% discount = $45 ONLY Per person!

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The Intelligent Body Workshop

Feldenkrais Sunday Workshop with Lena Rosenberg

27 October, 1pm – 5pm

@ SPHC St Kilda Sea Baths

The Feldenkrais Method promotes optimal coordination through the exploration of multiple options, towards higher safety and comfort.

This is for people who want to:

Learn to:

Lena Roesnberg

About Lena Rosenberg

Lena is an experienced Feldenkrais practitioner.

She has studied the Feldenkrais Method in Italy, Israel and Australia.

Lena works with people of all ages and (dis)abilities, from newborns to seniors.

Before starting her Feldenkrais professional training in Italy, Lena graduated in languages and literature for her Bachelor of Arts and did her Masters in Simultaneous Interpretation.

In 2015 Lena ran a one-year Government funded Feldenkrais pilot-program in a Victorian Primary School, with a research study about how the Feldenkrais Method can enhance academic learning and well-being in primary school students.

Lena runs Feldenkrais private sessions and group classes from her purpose-built studio in St Kilda and popular group classes and workshops from SPHC – St Kilda Sea Baths.


It’s been so long since I’ve been on bended knee that I thought it was no longer possible, physically or spiritually. I have to thank you again for enabling in me the opportunity to experience the reality of rejuvenation.​

J.KingProf. Gynaecology

I visited Lena for assistance with my lower back pain and to improve my posture. I found Lena to be a very intuitive and perceptive Feldenkrais practitioner. Her work harmonises the body, providing a feeling of wholeness. I always feel a sense of lightness and ease after her treatments and relief of pain. She has a very compassionate and authentic approach. I highly recommend her.

Arthur, Chinese Medicine practitioner

Here’s my recent experience with a physio vs Feldenkrais. I saw the physio for 2 appointments. She had decided that she wanted to start working on a tight muscle next to my right shoulder blade (in the rhomboid). She gave me stretches to do 3 times a day but there was no improvement; in fact, the tightness got slightly worse. Luckily before I went any further with the physio, we did some classes with you that made a huge difference after just an hour. ​

Becca, Naturopath

What a marvellous movement Feldenkrais is! It offers strength, balance and all the movements we need as we are aging. I love your classes.

Vicky (Senior)