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Monday 5pm / Friday 10.30am

Monday 5pm / Friday 10.30am

Monday 5pm – Shoulders & Hip Joints

On Monday class we’ll bring the attention to the shoulders and how they contribute to the ability to extend. The objective is to work the back muscles along the whole spine and not only in the lower back, a common pattern of action that often results in unpleasant tension and pain. We can’t organise the shoudlers without looking at the chest and hips: also the abiltiy of the hip joints to extend depends on the availability of the pelvis and back, and vice versa, the back and chest cannot work efficiently with tight hip joints. The position will be mainly lying on the stomach.  If you cannot lie in this position due to a medical issue or for any other reason, I will guide you how to work in a different position. 
I look forward to seeing you at class 🙂

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