Open Focus/Continued Integration between Ankles & Eyes

This lesson can be done as a continuation of  the audio lesson ‘How to cross a road safely/ Integration between Ankles & Eyes”, or on its own.

Also here, you will find hidden pattern of actions between the eyes and the feet.

A big of the lesson is done lying on the stomach. You should pay attention not to strain yourself. If you have trouble lying on your stomach you can do the lesson on the back, with heightened attention to the relationships between parts of your body.

The lesson is done mainly with movements of one leg, so ease the perception of differences. Try to give yourself time to feel the changes before the last part of the lesson brings you back to the floor. You can pause the recording and start again once you’re ready. You might want to stay with the experience of only one side without working with the other leg.

A note of caution: when you are told to lift a little the knee off the floor, you should keep the foot on the floor. The movement of lifting the knee is very small and gentle. You can imagine there’s a piece of paper under the knee that you want to stop pressing on. If you feel cramping in the leg you’re probably working too hard. Do less and look after your knees.


Open Focus/Continued Integration between Ankles & Eyes