Wellness Programs at Work

The wellbeing of your employees is more important than ever!

Make your staff feel connected and healthy

Sense in Motion delivers corporate Feldenkrais classes On-Site & Online

Wellness Programs at Work

Make your staff feel connected and healthy


Lena Rosenberg


With Lena Roesnberg

Packages are available for ongoing bookings,
6 / 8 / 10 week blocks
or one-off events.

Positive brain change tools for top work performance

We offer tailored presentations & wellness programs at work to the requirements of each specific group. Programs are delivered by Lena Rosenberg, a highly experienced Feldenkrais practitioner. Lena is familiar with working in a corporate environment.

These neuro-movement Classes span from 20 minutes daily refreshers up to a full transformative hour and include a series of movements that reorganise body and mind for improved calmness, energy, and efficiency.

Each program is specifically tailored to your group and their needs.  It can be organised easily at your requested time of day, you only need a laptop, tablet or mobile with sufficient space for unrestricted movement.

Private Hands-On sessions

Gentle hands-on sessions, tailored to your individual needs. Time options 30/60 minutes per session.

Online Zoom/On-Site Sessions

Regular gentle movement lessons for small to big groups, at your workplace or online. Time options 30/45/60 minutes.

Customised Programs

6/8/10 week unique movement programs, tailored for the needs of your workplace.

Wellness Events

Bring the joy of movement into your event, to enhance team building, comfort and focus.

The Feldenkrais method offers a new way of looking at learning, health and movement

It can  be highly effective  for anyone wanting to gain relief from pain and other physical complaints, or who wishes to enhance their performance in any physical activity such as dance and sports.

Medical specialists often recommend Feldenkrais to patients with mild to severe pain.

Feldenkrais uses ingenious movement lessons to reorganise connections between the brain and body and so improve body movement and psychological state.

It is based on wide-spread scientific knowledge and experience from working with people recovering from trauma such as injury or surgery, but also from working with some of the world’s greatest musicians and athletes.

The Feldenkrais method offers a new way of looking at learning, health and movement

This Method is based on the innate ability of people to learn and change when given the right

It uses movement as the vehicle for learning and transformation.
These are not simple mechanical movements. You will be guided to explore different ways
of performing a movement.

In this method we focus on the learning process, not the goal. In
the process, we are learning to feel what’s right and better for us.

The outcome from each lesson is often very surprising in how it enhances the person’s
ability to perform with greater ease and flexibility.


Classes are taught by experienced Feldenkrais® practitioner and Assistant Trainer Lena Rosenberg.

Lena has extensive experience in working with small and large group. Her work experience includes collaborations with local Council and the Victorian Educational Department to develop a Feldenkrais pilot- project.

Lena speaks four languages and has extensive experience working with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. She works as Assistant Trainer [currently via Zoom] in professional Feldenkrais Training Courses overseas, including South Korea, Japan, Italy, France and Israel.

Lena also has a master’s in Simultaneous Interpretation and Certificate IV in Training & Assessment.

The Benefits for You & Your Team

Create a positive change in yourself and your work team. Achieve comfort, natural pain relief, full body mobility with better quality of breath and posture.

Sol Scialom
Sol Scialom@Scidan ltd
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Lena was attentive to each employee and engaged with the whole team. She also sent us weekly tips to help reduce stress. This has been especially valuable during Covid. The Zoom sessions kept the us feeling connected and boosted moral and productivity.
Dana R
Dana R@Levia Hon
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I've been using Sense in Motion services twice a week to help relieve back and neck pain. The 30 minute lessons help me and my office staff to work with comfort. It's the perfect lunchtime break and we always look forward to our next session. Lena's tips help us to cruise through the working week with a smile.

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