Empower Your Special-Needs Baby/Child

Help Your Child Catch Up on Their Organic Development,
Boost Their Physical & Cognitive Learning With Individual Feldenkrais Sessions

Empower Your Special-Needs Baby/Child

Help Your Child Catch Up on Their Organic Development,
Boost Their Physical & Cognitive Learning With Individual Feldenkrais Sessions

Helping Your Child Achieve Their Potential

Since the beginning of my career in 2010, I’ve been working with babies & children who display a wide-range of difficulties, including congenital and trauma-based origins.

Some conditions are well-known, such as Autism, Cerebral Palsy, ADD 
& ADHD, muscular-skeletal problems, genetic disorders and brain injury, while others are undiagnosed, yet the child is struggling to reach their developmental milestone and enjoy a free interaction with the world. 

I also work with children with behavioural issues, anxiety, difficulty in communication and in studies. 

Creating Optimal Learning Conditions for Your Child

To help your child make progress and develop multiple abilities, they need a safe and pleasurable environment in which they are stimulated to try a wide variety of options, to make choices and learn through experience. 

I’ve learnt that each baby and child have a unique personality, different interests and their own pace.  Their learning process should not be rushed as they will feel left behind. Instead, by being engaged in their sensations and movement and through play, they will learn new skills and build their sense of confidence and independence in their abilities. 

Using Movement & Touch for Learning

What a child knows, they learn from their own experience, through the interaction of their body in space and the changing conditions.

Movement is actually a dynamic problem-solving in which the baby and child deal with balance, coordination of the different parts of the body and an inner feeling of themselves to do even the most primary actions, such as folding forward, looking what’s to their side, reaching to a toy or rolling without falling to the side and from there to the tummy. 

By lowering the tension and tuning in the child’s nervous system to their body, their perception of their action improves, they can change automatic and unhelpful reactions and learn new and easier ways to achieve their intentions. The result is a happier child.

Individual Hands-On Lessons for Babies & Children

Lena works with babies & children at her St Kilda Studio or when doing home-visits in Melbourne area, when that’s the best available option. 

Lena has been working with babies & children since 2010, following four years of rigorous studies in Italy, Israel and Australia. Israeli-born, Europe-educated and now a long-time resident of Melbourne, Australia – Lena connects with babies & children with all special needs to help them become more mobile and self-confident, better connected to their bodies and the environment  and continue their developmental growth smoothly and with less obstacles. 

Happy Clients

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My son was born with low muscle tonus and had difficulty to keep balance when standing and walking.

After a few months of meetings with Lena he was much more confident at the playground and could climb up a ladder without the fear of falling.
Ben1.5 yrs
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My son was a bit late with walking. In fact he was very afraid to walk and preferred to keep crawling, even at the age of 1.5 years.

Working with Lena had an immediate impact on the way he was approaching walking and movement in general. He connected to Lena and was happy to see her each time. It was magic.

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