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Feldenkrais Online
Zoom Classes

Boost your Physical, Mental and Emotional abilities

from the comfort of your home

Feldenkrais Online

Join Lena for an hour dedicated solely to you, to feel better, move with ease and revitalise your energy!

Mondays 5pm

<60 minutes

Melbourne – Australia Time
Students from other time zones are welcome!

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*If you are new to Lena &/or not on her mailing list, please contact her before you purchase a Zoom class or pack, to confirm class times, as Lena works also overseas and her Zoom class times might change during her travels.
Updated times are sent weekly by an email.

Single Class

$ 12
  • Single online class
  • Use within 3 months

5 Zoom Pack

$ 55
  • 5 online classes
  • Use within 3 months

10 Zoom Pack

$ 99
  • 10 online classes
  • Use within 3 months

Use your brain to move with ease

What is Feldenkrais on Zoom?

Through scheduled live Zoom sessions two times a week, certified practitioner & Assistant Trainer Lena Rosenberg connects with students globally through engaging, interactive classes that cumulatively progress into positive transformation.

What you will experience & achieve

Each Zoom session is up to one hour, shaped around each class and its participants, to guide you through a sense of discovery. From within this safe space you are encouraged to explore pain-free movements and feel new freedoms of action.

Why Feldenkrais

Feldenkrais uses ingenious movement lessons to reorganise connections between the brain and body and so improve body movement and psychological state.

It is based on wide-spread scientific knowledge and experience from working with people recovering from trauma such as injury or surgery, but also from working with some of the world’s greatest musicians and athletes.

Feldenkrais can be highly effective  for anyone wanting to gain relief from pain and other physical complaints, or who wishes to enhance their performance in any physical activity such as dance and sports.

Medical specialists often recommend Feldenkrais to patients with mild to severe pain.

How you can prepare

The benefits

These gentle movement lessons are something anyone can do. All you need is to take a break during your day or before going to bed, find some free floor space and dive into new experiences of gentle movement sequences.

Assaf S
Assaf S
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I've been having pain in my right hip for the last 5 years. My doctor sent me for an MRI scan and recommended to have some injections to make the pain go away. I was reluctant to do so.

I’ve learned new connections between my body parts that makes me feel better and reduce the pain significantly.
Michal D
Michal D
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I found Lena after a long period of suffering from back and neck pain. After only a few lessons the pain reduced and nearly disappeared.

I really enjoy Lena’s lessons. She’s so nice and has a very relaxing voice. Her lessons are like an island of calmness in the madness of the hectic working week. I can’t wait to my next weekly lesson with her.

Even my little daughter likes to join Lena's weekly lessons.
Vita B
Vita B
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I am loving Lena’s lessons. She is a wonderful teacher, gentle but firm.

Over time I have benefited greatly. I am much more confident both physically and mentally. My posture has improved as has my flexibility, balance and walking.

I can highly recommend Lena for teaching one to be pain free and flexible.
Helen F
Helen F
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Lena’s audio programs are excellent.

Her voice is pleasant on the ear, the instructions are clear and the benefits both immediate and long term.

As you can tell I’m a feldenkrais devotee and a Lena fan.

Raz J
Raz J
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Lena’s manner and method of teaching ATM is deeply admirable as she is very caring and gentle in her approach to sharing her knowledge and expertise.

Through an exploration and understanding of movement it is fascinating to create connections, to feel, to be strong, to feel able and to feel free.

I adore the variation in lessons, the opportunities; to learn, to refine, to recognise and to share.