Wrapping The Pelvis Around the Leg

Quite an advanced lesson, resulting in a great sense of length and freedom in the lower back and pelvis.

In movements that can feel like in the best massage you can give yourself, you’ll gently use the weight of your own chest to iron out muscular tension in the back and shoulder blades, which will softly surrender to the floor, allowing the arms and back to lie longer.

With the body lying more fully on the floor, you’ll be able to roll the whole body as if it was made of many mobile cylinders, feeling the mobility of the spine as it moves in the chest, pushed upwards to grow your head taller and freer.

The last third of the lesson will bring further improvement to the lower part of the spine and the pelvis, which can access areas of tension that usually hold it from moving freely.

This is quite a ‘big’ lesson. You’re welcome to do it in parts, taking breaks to rest, walk, have a warm drink and come back for more. The softer you work the more you’ll enjoy the feeling at the end of this unique lesson.

Wrapping The Pelvis Around the Leg