Below are links to interesting readings about the Feldenkrais Method, including articles, interviews and research studies:


A popular internet magazine,, has published an excerpt from the book ‘The Brain’s Way of Healing’ by psychtrist and best-selling author Norman Doidge, that tells a lot about Moshe Feldenkrais and the method he developed. 

It has been said the Doidge portrays Dr Feldenkrais as a super-hero of understanding the brain and givesw fascinating explanations why and how the method works. The book has entered the New York Times best seller list.


This links to a thorough research study titled ‘Moving with Ease: Feldenkrais Movement Classes for People with Osteoarthritis:

“The Feldenkrais Method has the potential to help people with Osteoarthritis. Developed by Dr Moshe Feldenkrais, the method is a gentle of exercise which has been shown to be acceptable for older people who have limited movement.”


 ‘Feldenkrais Method Balance Classes Improve Balance in Older Adults: A Controlled Trial’

This study discusses the benefits of the Feldenkrais Method in comparison to other modalities, with the aim of improving balance in older adults. 


An excellent article Stress Free Exercise for People with Arthritis, by David Zemach-Bersin and Mark Hirschfield. 


Feldenkrais for individuals with ADHD and other learning difficulties.