Getting Back on the Right Track

I’d like to share a hearty testimonial that one of my corporate clients wrote after a session they had with me last week:

As a Chief Technology Officer for two companies – one in the medical startup space and the other in mobile app development – my schedule is packed, stretching from 6am till midnight. However, every week, I dedicate 60 minutes to a session with Lena, which becomes my personal sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Yesterday, an unforeseen incident occurred just 7 minutes prior to my scheduled session with Lena. I received a distressing call from a client which ended in harsh words exchanged. This left me very tense as I embarked on my session with Lena.

Nonetheless, by the end of our interaction, I was left surprised. The stress from the client’s call had been washed away; I felt a renewed energy and wore a smile, leaving the confrontation in the past. It wasn’t until late night, right before bedtime, when the client’s call crossed my mind again. I was astounded by the power of Lena’s session, which helped me cool down, regain my composure and return to my positive demeanour.

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