Bring movement into your life

Do it for yourself, discovering new abilities and comfort

Join Lena for a Short Lesson

Here’s a ~14-minute lesson to regain mobility with your head-spine & shoulders.
You’ll be lying on the sides with the legs folded.

Within a few moments, you’ll learn to improve the bending of the spine and lift your head more easily and skillfully, which means that you’ll acquire more than one way for performing the same action.

Note: You can have some support to rest your head on when lying on the side. Make sure it’s not too high or uneven. If for any reason you cannot lift the head, make micro-movements, or imagine the process. If you work patiently, you’re bound to feel the improvement in the rest of the spine.

Testimonial: “ I woke up this morning with pain on the left side of my neck. This lesson resolved the issue!” [Assaf S.]